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Leading the way in safe effective choices to maximise your Clinic results, client satisfaction and Business growth​

Choosing a skincare line for your clinic will be one of the most significant decisions you will make to the success of your business.

Welcome to Skin Results Ltd. We are a New Zealand wholesale distributor for Sophisticated Advanced skin care targeted for the Professional Skin Clinic. Brands include 302 Professional, Aderm Skincare and Avogen Medical.

Our knowledge and experience in Skin Esthetics provides us with the skills to help you make the right choice for your Clinic/excellent training and support. It’s all about the science-ingredients, concentrations and the formulations which determine how effective skincare is, not only for home care but also for Clinic only use. We believe safety is paramount and we support a diversity of safe ingredients without compromising on results.

These ranges are a revolution to the skin and beauty industry and will provide your clinic the tools to treat all skins and skin colours. All have been trialled, researched and clinically proven.


Providing ingredient choices to maximise your Clinic results, client satisfaction and business growth.

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Retaining client exclusiveness is key to building a successful business. This sometimes means that you need to look outside the square.

  1. Do harmful ingredients concern you
  2. Are you wanting to provide long term sustainable results for your clients (rather than a short term quick fix)
  3. Are you knowledge thirsty
  4. Are you looking for on going support and training
  5. Are you environmentally conscious
  6. Is non-cruelty to animals and no animal testing important to your business
  7. Would you like to provide choices for those who choose to be Health conscious–Vegan etc,
  8. Does ongoing client care factor towards your clinic success and choices

If so. Investing with Like minded people is definitely going to help you standout from the others.

Investing in Skincare

Choosing a skincare line for your clinic is one of the most important decisions you will make to the success of your business. Your choices will influence the type of client you will attract and will determine where your clinic aligns within the Skin & Beauty industry. Looking out side the square can also provide you with the leading edge amongst your competitors, while also helping to build a reputable business. Not all skins are the same. And neither are ingredients and skincare ranges. We are very proud to provide the Therapist/Clinician with a toolbox of ingredients and treatments for all skins (even the problematic ones).

Are you looking for specific active ingredients and maybe some new ones? Click on our ingredient list;


Helping Treat Skin Concerns

It’s all about Results. Science and nature working together Naturally and Effectively. Our product range can help treat a range of skin concerns for your clients.

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